Are you fed up with the same old WFH outfit yet? changing from one set of jogging bottoms and sweatshirts to another (and back again)?

 Lockdown will be lifted sometime in the future, and as some companies are encouraging us to return, you might actually be looking forward to going back into the office - if only for a couple of days a week - and meeting real people once again!  And going out to bars and restaurants again?!

So you might be thinking about what to wear? A suit? Too much of a challenge?

You don't HAVE to go the whole bog-standard Shirt/ tie/ brogues/ route. (unless you really want to? - I can help.

If not, try a soft-collared shirt instead of the standard business shirt, or a long-sleeve polo shirt, a thin turtleneck or roll-neck in lightweight wool or cotton jersey under the suit jacket - or a tailored blazer or separate jacket - with the above, plus some real trousers in a different cloth and colour.

Slip on a pair of loafers if it's fine weather, chelsea boots if its not. Still too formal? -if you really can't bear to leave the comfort of your trainers behind, invest in 'hybrid' trainer-shoes - look more like shoes, feel like trainers. Some of the most prestigious shoemakers and high-end stores now some great versions.

If you really can't drag yourself away from 'comfort dressing', consider another development: the woollen  blazer-cardigan. There are a few variations of this useful garment around. For example, a Jacket-styled 3-button, patch-pocket, notch lapels,  but with no shoulder padding or lining. Or a Harrington-style zip-front iteration with some leather, suede, or cloth trim.

And while we're trying to bridge formal with casual, comfort with style, seek out some soft trousers that are neater than joggers: I recently found a pair of soft jersey trousers with front pleats, belt-loops, a stitched-in front crease and tapered - not elasticated - bottoms. I could have bought more - in other colours and patterns. A few examples of these come from a variety of sources

I can help you find the pieces, recommend the combinations, choose the colours, and show you where to find them online. And we're coming into Spring, so there should be a whole load of new designs on the way

Look Sharp/ Feel Good, Feel Good/Look Good, Look Good/Feel Good......etc.