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Helping You Find Your Style

I am a personal stylist in London dedicated to providing men’s style advice to people who want to improve how they dress. My main goal is to find clothing items and accessories that work specifically for you. I take into account factors like body shape, skin tone, hair and eye colour, along with other important aspects such as an upcoming event, to recommend a style that brings out the best in you. With You Wear It Well, you will go from being uncertain about your dress sense to projecting the precise image that you want to project. Get in touch and see what I can do for you!




  The Two Levels


Following a consultation, I will make a detailed analysis of your needs and aspirations ahead of showing you some sensational pieces from the most upmarket shops and brands. This service carries a price, and what you are paying for, above all, is my experience in sourcing the perfect fit and colour use for a range of styles. Those who choose the Prestige option are men who are willing to spend big on suits, shoes and tailored fits, ensuring that they look truly exceptional.


This service entails exactly the same level of attention to detail as Prestige, but instead will centre around using my experience to show you hidden gems in some high street stores, while also mixing in a few carefully-chosen items or accessories from some upmarket sources. I specialise in enabling you to acquire a prestigious appearance without spending large amounts. If, for example, we find something – say, a polo shirt – that costs £135, I can source the same style and a similar material for £45.





That Special Occasion

Perhaps you have a wedding or some other big event on the horizon. You may be nervous about ensuring that you purchase a new, smart outfit that suits you perfectly. By calling on a personal stylist in London, we will ascertain all of the relevant factors, from type of event to location to your body shape, to guarantee that you show up to the occasion looking exceptional.

For instance, if you were preparing for a summer wedding in Greece, I would not put you in a blue serge suit, oxford shirt, woollen tie and Chelsea boots. Instead, I would insist on something like a relatively light suit with a pastel cotton shirt and a nice pair of loafers – as opposed to lace up shoes! My service as a personal stylist in London is always constructed around your unique specifications.

Men's Personal Stylist in London and Brighton



Men's Personal Stylist in London and Brighton


Added Value

Along with providing men’s style advice to help you find your perfect outfit, I will also make sure that the outfit you choose can be worn again – in whole or in part – on any number of other occasions, including the less momentous! Some clothing items, like a blazer and trousers combination, can be reformulated in a more casual setting with a carefully considered pastel shirt underneath.



The Seasonal Follow Up

If we had our first consultation ahead of the summer, we will then need to look at your autumn and winter wardrobe, or perhaps undertake a mid-season review. There is no charge for this follow-up assessment – I know you and your style by now! – and there is just the £75 per hour time charge. Maybe you want an outfit for a party, or a selection of items for a holiday. Whatever your needs are, I have the experience necessary to provide the exact men’s style advice that you need.

In the meantime, I will keep my eye on the latest fashion trends, styles and colours that would suit you and your new identity. Over time, you will have the ideal foundation from which to shop for clothes and accessories that suit you perfectly.

 Seasonal Personal Stylist in London and Brighton



Men's Wardrobe Personal Stylist in London and Brighton

Sort Out Your (Existing) Wardrobe

If you are in London, Brighton or the South-East area and within a reasonable radius, I can go through your wardrobe and advise you on the following considerations:

  • What to keep
  • What to throw away
  • How to make the best of what you already have
  • What to add

You could, of course, go to a store which offers a personal shopping service, but they only offer their own merchandise, and will encourage you to buy as much of it as possible. With You Wear It Well, however, you are guaranteed a personal stylist in London whose men’s style advice is based exclusively around your personal attributes and goals.





The same charge applies for both Prestige and Economist packages: £75 per hour. I do NOT charge for my time travelling to and from our meetings.







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If you need a personal stylist in London, Brighton or the South-East who can find your ideal fit, look no further than You Wear It Well.

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