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Men’s Style Advice Tailored Specifically for You

If you want to dress better but simply don’t know where to start, get in contact with You Wear It Well, a personal stylist in London dedicated to finding the ideal style for you. I have always specialised in colour use, fashion trends and personal shopping, and now want to help others find clothes that work for them. Following an initial consultation, during which I will note factors such as body shape, skin tone, hair and eye colour, we will then pick out a wardrobe – or just a singular outfit – that projects the exact image that you want to project. There is no point in spending large amounts of money on clothes that don’t go together, so why not get in touch and transform your look today!

Men's advice and personal Stylist in London and Brighton





Stage One

I charge £200 for an initial consultation. This is a detailed conversation that entails a colour combination assessment, body shape assessment, understanding your likes and dislikes, and establishing your personality. Are you conservative (with a small ‘c’), or are you a peacock? Are you neither? The outcome of the meeting will be targeted men’s style advice structured around styles and items that work for your lifestyle.

Immediately following the initial enquiry, I will ask you to send me two full-colour photos:

  • A head shot – to give me a start on your complexion
  • A full-length body shot in shirt and trousers – so that I can assess your shape


What's Your Budget? 


For those who are willing to spend big. I will show you the most upmarket shops and brands, providing you with a panoply of options for acquiring an outfit that oozes elegance and style.


The same level of preparation as Prestige, only focused more on helping you acquire a prestigious appearance by mixing high street gems with a few carefully chosen items from upmarket stores. I can find some very sharp looks for you at a fraction of the cost of 'Designer' brands - Look good for less!


Do you sometimes   feel the need for a   new outfit    but  just don't know where  to start ?   - contact me


  N.B. It must be stressed that Prestige and Economist are provided at the same price. How much or how little you spend on merchandise is entirely down to you.



Stage Two

We will arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time – in London or in Brighton – to ascertain your needs and options, thereby beginning the transformation. This is the chance for you to outline what you want from your personal stylist in London. For instance, you may be a younger man who wants to demonstrate gravitas, which would lead us to then looking for a double-breasted suit with maybe a Dovercheck, Nailhead or Herringbone pattern – as opposed to a chalk-stripe “City” suit – that complements the wider look.

If you want to start shopping immediately after that meeting, or at a later date, the personal shopping service of £70 for the trip will apply.





Stage Three
Let’s Go Shopping!

Having made a decision on your ‘wardrobe budget’ – and therefore which level of expenditure to apply – I will accompany you to two or three appropriate locations and pick out items that align with your attributes and ambitions. Don’t panic – we will not buy your entire wardrobe all at once. Instead, we can operate on a seasonal basis, preparing for spring and summer during one meeting and autumn and winter later in the year. Some items and fashion trends, however, transcend specific seasons – such as suits, shirts and jackets, among other smart or casual products.

For a personal stylist in London, Brighton and the South East whose sole aim is to help you discover a look that leaves you feeling on top of the world, look no further than You Wear It Well.

Let's Get Started !




N.B. All images on this site are for general example only. They do not relate to – or recommend – specific merchandise, nor are they offered for sale. However, if you happen upon a particular ‘look’ that you wish to imitate, I can easily find and create it for you!